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If you are new to the Internet or need any help in navigating or using this website, please read on.

Setting your screen resolution

image of computer monitorsOur site best viewed at a minimum browser resolution of 800 × 600. You even find that 1024 × 768 pixels for your screen size will be even better. If you are having to scroll left to right to view content, you should consider increasing your resolution.


This website is written and produced in the English language (British), as it is intended primarily for a British audience. Speakers of other languages may use the language translator (from Babel Fish) to translate the page into a foreign language, the icon is at the bottom right of every page on this website. Click on a flag to translate to the main language of the country of that flag, e.g. click the black red and gold striped flag to translate into German.

Navigating the Site

Each page of this website has a list of main links at the top right of the page, and a longer list of links at the bottom of every page in the yellow box, as well as a sitemap here.

image of computer mouseClick your mouse (single click using left mouse button) to open the link. Note that external links (those that link to pages outside of this website) will open in a new browser window, which means that you can get back to the Think Metric site by selecting the still open browser window for this site (usually selected from the Task Bar, often found at the bottom of your screen in Windows and Linux). The sitemap contains a full list of topics and webpages on this site, and clicking on any link will open the page in the same browser window. Links are arranged mostly in alphabetical order on the Sitemap page.

image of keyboardShortcut keys found in most browsers:
CTRL & Home together = top of the page; CTRL & End together = bottom of page; Page Up = scroll up the page; Page Down = scroll down the page; F5 = refresh the page;



Some modern browsers have a facility to allow visitors to use access keys to navigate the site, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Access keys are designed to help users who may have difficulty using pointing devices. Click here for access keys page, or press ALT 0 (in some browsers only).



Whatever your choice of browser, you should find that this website will work with most of the well-known browsers. It has been successfully tested with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, K-Meleon, Konqueror, Netscape, BrowseX and Crazy Browser. If you are having difficulties viewing it in your browser, please try viewing the site in another browser. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are the most popular and assuming you have the latest stable version, you should have no problems. This site was designed for browsers which support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).


Increasing the Text Size

If you are using Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on View menu
  2. Click on Text Size (sub menu opens to the right)
  3. Select Larger or Largest to increase the size to your preference.


If you are using Mozilla Firefox:

Hold down the CTRL / Control key (situated next to the Windows key or the ALT key on a PC) and press the + sign on the numeric keypad. Each press of the plus sign key will increase the text size. This can be increased to any size. To decrease the size, hold down the CTRL key and press the key on the numeric keypad, or press CTRL and 0 (zero) together to reset the text size to normal. Alternatively select from the View menu and select ext Size.


If you are using Netscape:

  1. Click on View menu
  2. Click on Increase Font.


If you are using Opera:

Opera has its own size drop down menu, which usually appears next to or near the address box, and has an eye next to it, with a figure in percent. Default is 100%, so select a higher number to enlarge the page (note that this also increases the size of images as well as the text, unlike the other browsers).


If you are using Konqueror (a browser used in Linux):

Click on the magnifying glass with the + sign next to it.


If you're still having problems, you can feel free to send us feedback.


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Ruler in centimetres, because metric is very useful