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The United Kingdom Metric Association

DTI website — about weights and measures and use of metric

UK Metrication

The National Weights and Measures Laboratory

Metrication Matters — What is metrication and why does it matter?

International Standard Paper Sizes or

Modern metric system — Modern weights and measures, a complete reference

Metrication — lots of helpful info and converters (be warned that the site plays music when loaded, do not access if the music will cause a problem, e.g. at work)

Metric to Metric conversions (short quiz)

Interactive animation showing how big very small things are

United States Metric Association

US National Institute for Standards and Technology — about units and constants

Think Metric sign at US-Canada border

Metric System Measurements for Non-Metric Users

Metric Road Signs Seen in the USA

Learn the Metric System on Line with Mr. Light Bulb — for younger Internet users

International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM)

One Metre — Canadian metric site

Canadian Metric Association — not an official site, but gives contact details

Metric prefixes

Other Think Metric sites

Dictionary of units

Dictionary of Units of Measurement


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Ruler in centimetres, because metric is very useful